3-Year Old Recites “Litany” by Billy Collins: “In Defense of Memorization”

I just read an excellent essay. (Okay, I have a 6-month old…I partially read it but I plan to read the whole thing. Someday.) Anyway, it is “In Defense of Memorization” by Michael Knox Beran.

Here is just a short passage from the essay that I think is just outstanding:

Aren’t exercises in memorizing and reciting poetry and passages of prose an archaic curiosity, without educative value?

That too-common view is sadly wrong. Kids need both the poetry and the memorization. As educators have known for centuries, these exercises deliver unique cognitive benefits, benefits that are of special importance for kids who come from homes where books are scarce and the level of literacy low. In addition, such exercises etch the ideals of their civilization on children’s minds and hearts.

I wholeheartedly agree with Beran but since I don’t have the time tonight to expound, I’ll instead share a majorly cute video that is way more moving and more thought-provoking than anything I could write anyway:


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