Poetry leads to literacy. Literacy leads to happiness. Poetry leads to happiness!! (That’s almost logical…)

Just a quick thought:

I guess some people might wonder why “children’s poetry” is a cause someone might want to take the time to promote. In my opinion, every time you read a poem to a child you are planting a seed that might grow into lots of other wonderful things. “Poetry is the liveliest use of language, and nobody knows more instinctively how to take delight in that playfulness than children.

We want our children to delight in language and literacy. We want them to celebrate ideas and thinking. In my opinion, we cannot hope for anything greater for the future of our country. Perhaps this is the former political scientist in me talking, but I believe a democracy cannot function successfully if its people are not thoughtful and informed.

But beyond being good for society, a love of literacy is personally enriching (beyond its contribution to the ability to be independent and provide for oneself and family). I’ve said before that I believe reading helps people better understand themselves and how they fit into the world.

Reading, writing and literacy mean far more than understanding words on paper. Literacy has a lot to do with enriching and discovering more about yourself, your personal dreams, ambitions and hopes — coming to understand that “sacred place inside.” Literacy also enables us to share this “sacred place” with others, either with an intimate friend or with the world, through “stories, songs, dances and art.” When you are reading or being read a favourite book, poem or story, the writer is sharing with you something of that “sacred place inside.”

So, if literacy makes for a better external world for our children and enriches their internal experience of it, and poetry opens the door to literacy, then why on Earth would we not try to give that key to every child ???

Such is the goal of this blog. 🙂

This is a great quote from an article I was just reading:

“Poetry delights and inspires.  It challenges and provokes thinking.  Indeed, poetry is an essential part of the language, literacy, and learning of children.   Perhaps most significant of all is the fact that poetry is often the invitation into literature and ideas that promotes more reading, writing, and thinking.  What could possibly be better?


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