Some Very Neat Shape Poems by James Carter

Some very neat shape poems by British poet James Carter

(Unfortunately, my font does not do the shape of these justice!)

The Moon Speaks

I, the moon,
would like it known – I
never follow people home. I
simply do not have the time. And
neither do I ever shine. For what you
often see at night is me reflecting solar
light. And I’m not cheese! No, none of
these: no mozzarellas, cheddars, bries, all
you’ll find here – if you please – are my
dusty, empty seas. And cows do not
jump over me. Now that is simply
lunacy! You used to come and
visit me. Oh do return,
I’m lonely, see.


A tree
is not like you and
me – it waits around quite
patiently – catching kites and
dropping leaves – reaching out to touch
the breeze…A tree all day will stand and stare
clothed in summer, winter : bare – it has no shame
or modesty…Perhaps its generosity is the greatest in
the world – it gives a home to every bird, every squirrel,
feeds them too – to every dog it is a loo…And after dark
what does it do? Catch a falling star or two? Shimmy
in the old moonlight? Or maybe have a conker fight?
A tree can give an awful lot : the wood to make a
baby’s cot – pencils, paper, tables, chairs – lolly
sticks as well as stairs …Without a tree we
could not live – a tree, it seems just
loves to give –
but us :
what we
do in return

Garden Shed

shed, a garden
shed, my head is like
a garden shed : it’s full of junk and
flower pots, wellie boots and who knows not –
No, really though, my head is crammed
you can’t get in, the door is jammed :
with things I’ve seen, things I’ve said
things I’ve done and things I’ve read
Plus everything I’ve thought about –
. . . if I was you – I’d just keep out !!

You can listen to Carter’s Words here. Don’t you agree with what he has to say? I know you do…that’s why you’re here! So glad to have you! Nighty night!

Or good morning…

Or afternoon…

🙂 🙂 🙂


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