Poetrees by Douglas Florian

It is gorgeous today in Upstate NY. We have perfect weather that you can only find when summer and fall overlap. I just took Amelia for a walk to meet my mom, great aunt and grandmother for lunch and the sky is clear as a bell and there is a strong, warm breeze. It’s the kind of day that makes me really appreciate the trees that line our street…as if I could ever forget to appreciate them with my SUNY ESF alum (aka my husband) around. 🙂

Anyway, below are a couple of poems from Douglas Florian‘s Poetrees. Are these illustrations gorgeous or what?

Giant Sequoias

Ancient seers
Of three thousand years.
Heavenly high.
Friends to the sky.
Spongy thick bark.
Large as an ark.
Gargantuan girth.
Anchored in earth.
Growing by degrees
To world’s tallest trees.
Never destroy a
Giant sequoia.

Monkey Tree Puzzle

It’s said that
a monkey could climb
Up this tree in the
Quickest of time.
But climbing back down
Without cracking
Its crown
Is a puzzle so hard,
It’s a crime.


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