“Plans” by Maxine Kumin

I just read this poem and thought it was very sweet…

by Maxine Kumin

When I grow up, I plan to keep
Eleven cats, and let them sleep
On any bedspread that they wish,
And feed them people’s tuna fish.

I like this plan! 🙂

By the way, Maxine Kumin also writes poems for big people. I just ordered her Up Country: Poems of New England, for which she won the Pulitzer Prize.

Here is a list of her children’s books:

  • 1961 Follow the Fall (illustrated by Artur Marokvia)
  • 1961 Spring Things (illustrated by Artur Marokvia)
  • 1961 Summer Story (illustrated by Artur Marokvia)
  • 1961 A Winter Friend (illustrated by Artur Marokvia)
  • 1962 Mittens in May (illustrated by Elliott Gilbert)
  • 1964 Sebastian and the Dragon (illustrated by William D. Hayes)
  • 1964 Speedy Digs Downside Up (illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats)
  • 1967 Faraway Farm (illustrated by Kurt Werth)
  • 1969 When Grandmother Was Young (illustrated by Don Almquist)
  • 1971 When Great-Grandmother Was Young (illustrated by Don Almquist)
  • 1984 The Microscope (illustrated by Arnold Lobel)
  • 2006 Mites to Mastodons (illustrated by Pam Zagarenski)

co-written with Anne Sexton:

  • 1963 Eggs of Things (illustrated by Leonard Shortall)
  • 1964 More Eggs of Things (illustrated by Leonard Shortall)
  • 1974 Joey and the Birthday Present (illustrated by Evaline Ness)
  • 1975 The Wizard’s Tears (illustrated by Evaline Ness)

If you’ve read any of these, PLEASE COMMENT!

If you haven’t, PLEASE COMMENT! 😉

Hope you’re having a great weekend…

Night night!!


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